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Prominent brexiter John Redwood advises AGAINST investin in Britain!

You're finally seeing EU exit isn't great! Investor slates UK's withdrawal in the... Express!

People say we're in for a lot of trouble.
Of course, if you're Nigel Farage, spawn of Satan Vladimir Putin (Express), none of that matters because you can get a German Passport. The b*st*rd applied for one on the day after the referendum and may even go to prison for that as he forged his application. What a rat desperate to leave the sinking ship!
He SAYS HE WILL LEAVE THE UK if brexit fails! Again, what a despicable rat! (Telegraph)
LATEST THE BLOODY HYPOCRITE STASHED MILLIONS OFFSHORE TO AVOID PAYING TAX!. Nigel also has links with Russia and this is being uncoverd by the press. And Russian meddling is getting uncovered a bit more every day: by Theresa May herself and by the Mail on Sunday.
Did you know that Theresa May predicted before the referendum that a border would be necessary between the two Irelands? Check it for yourself!
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NHS, Health Industry
This tracks how the NHS is doing and in particular, if the promised weekly £350 million pounds have any chance to materialise. We already know that the UK never was giving £350 million to the EU, as we had a special rebate. And of course a lot of that money came back to us to renovate towns in Wales, to pay for scientific research and to help our farmers amongst other things. Now all of these are fighting to keep the money they used to get, so there is very little chance any extra money will ever reach the NHS.
23.06.2018 BBC News - Hammond: Taxes will rise to pay for NHS boost
23.06.2018 Sky News - Majority think Theresa May's 'Brexit dividend' for the NHS is dishonest
23.06.2018 Independent - Theresa May’s deputy misled MPs insisting cancer patients have nothing to fear from UK leaving Euratom
10.06.2018 Bloomberg - Pharma Giant Merck Is Planning for a Brexit Supply Blackout
10.06.2018 Huffington Post - Jeremy Hunt Admits Brexit Has Led To NHS Staff Shortages
10.06.2018 Mirror - Tories miss apprentice nurse recruitment target by 97% as just 30 take up scheme
04.06.2018 Metro - Medicine could be about to get more expensive thanks to Brexit
27.05.2018 Politics Home - Brexiteers up in arms over plan to boost NHS with tax hike instead of EU savings
27.05.2018 BBC News - Tax rises needed 'to prevent NHS misery'
20.05.2018 Telegraph - Trump threatens to use US trade talks to force NHS to pay more for drugs
20.05.2018 Mirror - Britain's nursing union just demanded a second referendum
03.05.2018 Guardian - Brexit blamed as record number of EU nurses give up on Britain
01.04.2018 InFacts - Cancer treatment rebellion new blow to May’s Brexit
03.03.2018 New Statesman - European NHS workers leaving at an alarming rate
09.02.2018 Business Insider UK - Theresa May refuses to rule out selling off the NHS in post-Brexit trade deal with Trump
27.01.2018 Independent - Jeremy Hunt admits supply of EU cancer drugs to Britain could be disrupted if Brexit talks break down
27.01.2018 Mirror - Nigel Farage admits he still wants the NHS scrapped in favour of US-style insurance scheme!
27.01.2018 Guardian - Doctors blocked by Home Office from taking up vital NHS jobs
20.01.2018 BBC News - NHS 'haemorrhaging' nurses as 33,000 leave each year
07.01.2018 Guardian - Brexit to swallow £70m meant for developing cancer drugs, says GSK
27.12.2017 Independent - Labour warns of NHS 'disaster' as 100,000 jobs across organisation lie empty
27.12.2017 York Press - 37 Spanish nurses quit hospital amid Brexit fears, claims MP
26.11.2017 New York Times - Where Brexit Hurts: The Nurses and Doctors Leaving London
04.11.2017 Guardian - European nurses and midwives leaving UK in droves since Brexit vote
15.10.2017 Independent - Philip Hammond: 'no deal' will mean less money for NHS and social care
30.10.2017 Guardian - Lloyds Pharmacy closes 190 stores, blaming government cuts
01.10.2017 Independent - Brexit 'potentially catastrophic' for the health service
24.09.2017 Mirror - Brexit will see Britain short of 60,000 nurses and midwives
24.09.2017 Guardian - Almost 10,000 EU health workers have quit NHS since Brexit vote
02.09.2017 Independent - NHS 'could go under' if EU staff are not assured job security post-Brexit
06.08.2017 Mirror - NHS care alert over return of a million OAPs as Tories admit they're 'not planning for a rush home post-Brexit'
06.08.2017 Guardian - Brexit could cause loss of access to life saving isotopes
02.07.2017 Wired - Potentially life-threatening cost Brexit could have on UK
02.07.2017 Independent - 'Catastrophic' effect on access to new life-saving drugs
28.06.2017 BBC News - BMA chief: NHS is 'running on fumes'
28.06.2017 Independent - Staffing crisis leaves NHS on brink of another disaster
21.06.2017 Guardian - Leak shows 'devastating' impact of planned NHS cuts in London
13.06.2017 Independent - Brexit: Number of EU nurses applying to work in UK plummets by 96%
10.06.2017 Europeans Com - 400 jobs to go at Brighton Hospital
03.06.2017 Mirror - Brexit to leave NHS with weekly £1million bill - to replace thousands of EU doctors and nurses
31.05.2017 BBC News - Brexit expat pensioners 'may cost NHS millions'
14.05.2017 Guardian - Jeremy Hunt: Bad Brexit deal would be disaster for NHS
06.05.2017 Independent - Brexit: Lawyers warn industry may take fundamental rights away
30.04.2017 Guardian - Record number of EU citizens quit working in NHS last year
25.04.2017 Independent - Theresa May: UK health services could be part of US trade deal
18.04.2017 Gloucestershire Live - Record numbers of EU doctors and nurses quit Gloucestershire hospitals
09.04.2017 Independent - Government: NHS faces shortage of more than 40,000 nurses after Brexit
27.03.2017 Mirror - Brexit causes nursing crisis as number joining NHS from Europe plunges 75%
18.03.2017 Independent - Record numbers of nurses from EU quitting their NHS jobs
18.03.2017 Guardian - Record numbers of EU nurses quit NHS
14.03.2017 Guardian - Lots of nurses have already left
05.03.2017 Express - Express: EU nurses leaving the UK putting NHS in dire straits
26.02.2017 Canary - Government selling off NHS to their mates
19.02.2017 Guardian - Brexit could lead to longer waiting times for new medicines
19.02.2017 Express - Grim analysis: Outlook is bleaker than ever for the nursing workforce
07.02.2017 Mirror - Bonkers UKIP now want to privatise NHS!
29.01.2017 Metro - Doctor: NHS * IS * in Crisis
21.01.2017 Mirror - Nigel Farage wants NHS scrapped!
16.01.2017 Telegraph - 65 Hospital Trusts issue Emergency Alerts
10.01.2017 BBC News - NHS in CRISIS! Where are the £350 Millions???
17.12.2016 - brexit already damaging NHS
13.11.2016 Guardian - Meanwhile... the NHS is being privatised discretly. That worked so well for the trains didn't it?
16.10.2016 Guardian - That's it, no more money for the NHS - Government
26.08.2016 Guardian - More cuts to come. £350million NHS remedy turns out to be snake oil
20.08.2016 Independent - Farage backtracks on NHS promise. Cute moment though, when he thinks he has friends.
Economy (Prices, Inflation, etc.)
Prices will go up if the £ stays down and if the government decides to introduce tariffs on imports to protect UK businesses. Outside of the protection afforded by the EU competiton and transparency rules, we could see a return to 'Rip-off Britain'. As of September, prices increases from parts and imports don't seem to have had much impact on the High Street yet. 22 Oct 2016: corporation tax recipts down - that's a big worry. June 2017: inflation at four-year-high
23.06.2018 The Times - GDP growth estimate is downgraded
23.06.2018 Guardian - UK economy shows greatest signs of stress since 2012
10.06.2018 Daily Mail - Brexiter Odey bets £500m AGAINST British businesses
10.06.2018 MSN News - EU firms advised not to use British parts ahead of Brexit
10.06.2018 Guardian - 'Brexit is a disaster' – experts debate the latest economic data
10.06.2018 Reuters - UK economy set to lag peers again as Brexit approaches, CBI says
04.06.2018 Independent - UK manufacturers report record increase in unsold stock in May, survey shows
27.05.2018 Guardian - UK economy posts worst quarterly GDP figures for five years
20.05.2018 Express - Brexit is a catastrophe! Billionaire investor tears into UK vote to leave EU
03.05.2018 Guardian - No grounds for optimism on the economy
03.05.2018 Independent - UK economic growth collapses to just 0.1% in first quarter of 2018, new figures show
22.04.2018 Financial Times - Brexit Britain slides down Europe’s economic league table
22.04.2018 City AM - Nissan to cut hundreds of jobs at main UK hub in Sunderland
22.04.2018 The Times - Britain relegated to the lower tier as Brexit bites
22.04.2018 Guardian - Study: Each Brexit scenario will leave Britain worse off
10.04.2018 Independent - City bosses: UK economy will grow slower than all other G7 advanced countries this year
01.04.2018 Business Insider Singapore - Britain is the only major economy on earth where growth is slowing, Business Insider
18.03.2018 BBC News - UK growth to be slowest in G20 this year, says OECD
18.03.2018 City AM - Brexit chill: companies go into administration, house price growth slowed, economic growth revised down
18.03.2018 Independent - 'Zero chance' leaving EU will make Britons better off, Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman says
18.02.2018 City AM - UK retailers suffer worst footfall and spending for half a decade
09.02.2018 Telegraph - Brexit impact studies leak reveals which regions will be hit hardest
18.02.2018 BBC News - GOOD NEWS! But not for us: European Union grows at fastest pace for 10 years
30.01.2018 Daily Mail - Leaked report: UK economy will be worse off after Brexit
27.01.2018 The Times - Brexit costs £200m every week in lost growth
22.01.2018 Independent - UK economic growth for 2019 downgraded by IMF amid Brexit uncertainty
07.01.2018 Metro - Hard Brexit would 'cost £400 billion, wipe 18% off GDP and cause a recession'
07.01.2018 Guardian - Warnings of post-Brexit price rises unless UK can copy EU trade deals
07.01.2018 BBC News - 'Zero real wage growth' forecast for 2018
27.12.2017 Metro - UK more likely to suffer economic disaster than EU countries after Brexit
27.12.2017 Express - Britain will be worse off out of the EU under all Brexit scenarios
10.12.2017 Express - David Davis is SHOCK admission: Brexit could be as bad for Britain as 2008 Credit Crunch
26.11.2017 CNN - 17 years without a raise? Welcome to Brexit Britain
26.11.2017 Independent - Britain's debt will not fall to 2008 levels until 2060s, IFS says in startling warning
26.11.2017 BBC News - Budget 2017: Stagnant earnings forecast 'astonishing'
26.11.2017 MSN News - What does Britain losing its EU 'passporting' rights mean for banks and how will it affect the economy?
19.11.2017 Independent - UK economy has gone from top of G7 leaderboard to almost bottom, says Mark Carney
19.11.2017 Bloomberg - U.K. Has 10 Times More to Lose Than Germany From No Deal Brexit
12.11.2017 Reuters - Most EU firms plan retreat from UK suppliers - CIPS
12.11.2017 Telegraph - Bank of England: Britain 'would be booming' if it wasn't for Brexit
04.11.2017 Express - Economist warns Britain to suffer when EU repatriates financial services
04.11.2017 Independent - Bank of England issues fresh warning about Brexit's impact on UK economy
04.11.2017 Financial Times - Good news, but not for us: Eurozone economic confidence surges to highest level since 2001
29.10.2017 Guardian - Alarm sounds over state of UK high street as sales crash
29.10.2017 Birmingham Mail - Birmingham would lose almost £7 billion from a 'hard Brexit'
29.10.2017 Chronicle Live - This is how much a 'no-deal' Brexit would drain out of Newcastle and the rest of the North East - Chronicle Live
22.10.2017 Independent - UK retail sales plunge more than expected in September as inflation bites
18.10.2017 Independent - Reverse Brexit with second referendum to save your economy, OECD tells UK
18.10.2017 Telegraph - Britain is £490bn poorer than thought
15.10.2017 Metro - Hard Brexit would 'cost £400 billion, wipe 18% off GDP and cause a recession'
15.10.2017 Independent - Brexit Britain is setting economic records – but not the ones Brexiteers wanted
15.10.2017 Financial Times - Europe will be big Brexit winner, says German economics minister
07.10.2017 Financial Times - Two-thirds’ of Hammond’s £26bn Budget war chest faces wipeout
07.10.2017 Guardian - Slowdown in UK manufacturing as weak pound raises costs
01.10.2017 Telegraph - Bank of England: Trillions of pounds at risk without Brexit deal on derivatives
24.09.2017 Independent - UK credit rating downgraded due to Brexit uncertainty
24.09.2017 Evening Standard - Brexit Britain plummets into economic growth slow lane as even Italy overtakes UK in latest forecast
24.09.2017 Daily Mail - Get a grip, Mrs May - or we'll go over a cliff
24.09.2017 Global Construction Review - Brexit blamed as UK construction slumps while Germany’s soars
12.09.2017 Europeans Com - Greece's Economy growing faster than the UK's.
12.09.2017 ITV News - 'Wages down and economy weaker' since Brexit vote
12.09.2017 Guardian - UK economy 'treading water' as eurozone stretches ahead
02.09.2017 BBC News - Employers worry about state of UK economy
06.08.2017 Independent - Britain just got its first concrete sign that Brexit will destroy the economy
06.08.2017 Evening Standard - Good news! But not for us as Eurozone economy grows twice as fast as UK's
06.08.2017 BBC News - Carney warns Brexit uncertainty is building
31.07.2017 Express - You're finally seeing EU exit isn't great! Investor slates UK's withdrawal
31.07.2017 Financial Times - UK consumer confidence falls to post-Brexit poll levels
27.07.2017 Bloomberg - U.K Economy Sees ‘Notable Slowdown’ in First Half of 2017
25.07.2017 Sky News - IMF downgrades UK growth while European rivals surge
25.07.2017 Yahoo News - Deutsche Bank CEO tells staff: Prepare for Brexit 'worst outcome'
16.07.2017 Guardian - UK public finances face twin threat from Brexit and downturn
16.07.2017 Telegraph - Bank of England warning: Protect EU trade and financial services to safeguard economy
16.07.2017 The Times - Bosses lose faith in economy
08.07.2017 Telegraph - May's absurd Brexit plan kills economy to stop EU migrants who won't come anyway
06.07.2017 BBC News - ONS: Household income falling at fastest rate since 2011
05.07.2017 Independent - UK service sector stumbles missing forecasts as Brexit bites
05.07.2017 Reuters - Britain misses out as global manufacturing surges
02.07.2017 Independent - ONS: Longest squeeze on household incomes since 1970s
02.07.2017 Business Insider UK - CONFIRMED: Britain officially the worst performing major economy on earth
28.06.2017 Daily Mail - Britain faces 3 years of recession if we leave the EU without a deal
28.06.2017 Independent - KPMG: Brexit: Businesses in denial over stark future of British economy
28.06.2017 BBC News - Rolls-Royce: Brexit uncertainty is an issue
21.06.2017 Independent - Bank of England: Brexit will make Britain worse off
17.06.2017 Financial Times - UK’s FTSE 250 has worst day since after Brexit vote
17.06.2017 Reuters - Brexit inflation: UK retail sales fall sharply
13.06.2017 BBC News - UK inflation rate at near four-year high
13.06.2017 Guardian - Moody's warns election result will complicate Brexit talks
13.06.2017 Guardian - UK economy falls to bottom of EU growth league
10.06.2017 Reuters - Consumer spent less in May
05.06.2017 Bloomberg - Good news! But not for us. France and Germany at 6 year high
03.06.2017 Independent - Brexit damage: UK now the worst-performing advanced economy in the world
03.06.2017 Euractiv - Brexit GDP losses to dwarf Britain’s EU budget contributions
29.05.2017 The Times - Rising costs take toll on public purse
29.05.2017 Independent - Brexit: without single market, services to lose up to £36bn
16.05.2017 Independent - Inflation increases to 2.7% in April
16.05.2017 Independent - Almost half of EU businesses looking to cut ties with UK suppliers
16.05.2017 Daily Mail - Daily Mail wondering what's good about brexit
14.05.2017 BBC News - UK industrial output falls in March
14.05.2017 Business Insider UK - Carney: Brexit-triggered consumer slowdown has begun
14.05.2017 Business Insider UK - Brexit: Employers struggling to hire 'from cleaner to accountant'
30.04.2017 Evening Standard - We shot ourselves in the foot and pain is starting to tell
30.04.2017 BBC News - UK economy (only) grows by 0.3%
30.04.2017 Guardian - Brexit economy: living standards falling as election looms
25.04.2017 BBC News - Biggest fall in UK retail sales in seven years
25.04.2017 Bloomberg - Alarm Bells Start Ringing for U.K. Economy
20.04.2017 Independent - Only economic study showing benefits of Brexit debunked as 'doubly misleading'
18.04.2017 Business Insider UK - British economy 'no longer shaking off the adverse consequences of the Brexit vote'
18.04.2017 London Loves Business - Hospitality industry warns of worker shortages
09.04.2017 Guardian - Post-Brexit surge for UK economy comes to an end
09.04.2017 Reuters - More signs of UK slowdown appear as Brexit gets under way
09.04.2017 Telegraph - Good news but not for us. EU economy on the UP, they don't need us after all
22.03.2017 Independent - Threat to UK firms' credit rating from cliff-edge Brexit says Moody's
21.03.2017 Sky News - Brexit effect finally taking hold as prices rise
16.03.2017 City AM - Sainsbury's share price dips because of inflation and sales decline
13.03.2017 Business Insider UK - Brexit areas to be worst hit by economic fallout — but London will be ok
13.03.2017 Sky News - UK prices rising faster after Brexit vote
17.03.2017 Telegraph - Eurozone economy overtakes UK as France and Germany accelerate
05.03.2017 Guardian - UK economy cooling fast after post-Brexit vote growth
19.02.2017 Express - The ship is heading straight to an iceberg
19.02.2017 InFacts - Government borrowing to go up by £226 million A WEEK
19.02.2017 Financial Times - Retail sales fall as higher prices begin to bite
19.02.2017 Independent - MIT Economists: Brexit four times worse for UK than previously believed
23.01.2017 Yahoo Finance - Brexit to cut wages by 30%
21.01.2017 Independent - UK retail sales fall sharply in December
21.01.2017 The Times - Retail sales fall at fastest rate for five years
21.01.2017 BBC News - Inflation jumps to 1.6%!
08.01.2017 Mirror - Food prices UP. UP. UP. UP to 44%.
05.01.2017 Independent - High Street retailers shares down after Next's disappointing xmas sales
05.01.2017 Independent - Food prices to go up because of brexit
04.01.2017 Guardian - Another Holiday Firm goes tits-up because of Brexit
03.01.2017 Bloomberg - Brexit will hit economy in 2017
31.12.2016 NY Books - US predicts death of UK business
31.12.2016 Independent - Brexit Relegates UK Economy behind France, then Brazil and India
17.12.2016 Independent - Inflation highest since 2014
17.12.2016 BBC News - GDP Growth will not last
06.12.2016 Independent - World Bank: Brexit voters most likely to suffer from brexit
27.11.2016 BBC News - Food Prices up, and up, and up...
24.11.2016 Independent - Brexit vote wipes £1.2 trillion off our wallets!
24.11.2016 Sky News - Brexit to cause eye-watering debt
20.11.2016 Bloomberg - U.K. to Borrow Extra $125 Billions
08.11.2016 BBC News - Public finances in donward spiral
06.11.2016 Guardian - Prepare yourself for POVERTY
06.11.2016 Guardian - Birds Eye and Walkers to increase their prices
06.11.2016 BBC News - Bank of England piling up worries about prices
06.11.2016 BBC News - Bank of England: Prices to go up by 4%
29.10.2016 BBC News - Tea prices go up
27.10.2016 Evening Standard - Brexit ruins $15Billion worth of deals
27.10.2016 Evening Standard - Tesco Boss: Prices to keep going up, and up, and up...
27.10.2016 Financial Post - Price of brexit keeps going up, and up, and up...
22.10.2016 Guardian - Collapse in corporation tax receipts
19.10.2016 Reuters - UK public finances worsen
19.10.2016 Guardian - Poor will go hungry - Tesco
19.10.2016 BBC News - First signs of prices going up
17.10.2016 BBC News - Economy to be down for foreseeable future
16.10.2016 Daily Mail - Daily Mail realises we're in trouble. Slowly, prices will be up and we will suffer
16.10.2016 Daily Business - Business failures are accelerating
16.10.2016 Economist - Forget Hard Brexit, it's going to be HARDSHIP brexit in any case.
16.10.2016 BBC News - Bank Of England: Prices WILL rise
12.10.2016 BBC News - brexit can't even afford us Marmite as Tesco gets Marmite and other products off shelves
12.10.2016 Guardian - Sainsbury, BT warn about price increases to come...
11.10.2016 Independent - Terrifying warning from Treasury: Hard Brexit to cost up to £66bn and slash UK GDP by almost 10%
11.10.2016 Independent - IMF cuts UK growth forecast AGAIN
11.10.2016 Independent - We're going to get hurt - in the wallet - and badly so
08.10.2016 New York Times - We're fucked. Plain and simple
08.10.2016 Business Insider UK - The £ is 'positively sick with fear'
16.08.2016 Guardian - Inflation up.
24.06.2016 Wikipedia - Rip-off Britain, explained.
Investments into the UK
Since Margaret Thatcher, the UK has been relying heavily on inward investment for job creation and maintaining the economy on an upward growth curve. As with anything else, investors loook at potential returns and will not risk their money if the potential is too low or if the future is uncertain. Hard brexit Britain will cut itself from free access to the EU Single Market and that is the mother of all downers for investors.
23.06.2018 EuroNews - Paris unseats London as top city for foreign investors
10.06.2018 LBC - Bank Of England Policy Chief: Brexit Uncertainty Impacting On UK Business Investment
27.05.2018 London Economic - 'Jaw-dropping' £300 billion negative swing in foreign investment flows since Brexit
27.05.2018 Reuters - More British companies investing in Germany ahead of Brexit
20.05.2018 Reuters - Investment to UK 90% down since referendum
03.05.2018 Telegraph - EU investment fund closes door on UK tech start-ups
09.02.2018 International Business Times - Brexit driving increasing number of UK startups to move their headquarters to Europe
26.11.2017 Telegraph - Johnson & Johnson pulls plan for first UK research centre
12.11.2017 London Economic - Prominent Brexiteer John Redwood advises investors to avoid Britain
12.11.2017 Telegraph - Ford warned it would reassess UK presence if country left EU as Automotive investment in UK falls by 75% in 2 years
29.10.2017 The Times - Factories cut investment amid rising Brexit fears
22.10.2017 This Is Money - Investment in UK car industry will crash by half this year
25.07.2017 Reuters - 4-in-10 UK firms report Brexit hit to investment
25.07.2017 ITV News - GSK backs out of £350m investment at Ulverston site
28.06.2017 Europeans Com - Wetherspoon's brexiter boss fleeing sinking UK ship to invest €Millions in EU
31.12.2016 Reuters - France to nick India's investment from UK
14.11.2016 Independent - £65.5 BILLION worth of investment already gone in smoke because of brexit
19.10.2016 Financial Times - Brexit will wipe $590 in investment
11.10.2016 TechCityNews - UK Tech Investment falls 82%!
Trade Deals
We need Trade Deals to sell our stuff. Otherwise, said stuff gets taxed on import, and we get more expensive than the local goods. In the EU there are no such taxes (tariffs). A trade deal takes 5 to 10 years to put together and it's not like we're in a position of strength, being on our own and all that. A hard Brexit means we're out of the Single Market and we get tariffs applied on our wares. Ouch. And as Australia has reminded us, we can't work on any deal until we're properly out. We're up for a DECADE of pain at least. And then, we'll be lucky if we get any crap deal at all.
10.06.2018 Telegraph - Britain is dangerously close to a Brexit deal that is worse than staying or leaving the EU
10.06.2018 The Times - Brussels refuses to extend UK trade deals during Brexit transition
27.05.2018 Business Insider UK - Theresa May's quick Brexit trade deal with Trump is 'not going to happen' says former ambassador
27.05.2018 Guardian - EU talks with Australia and New Zealand deal blow to UK free trade plans
20.05.2018 Independent - US lays out 'wishlist' and it does not look good for the UK
20.05.2018 - US rounds on Britain over food quotas as post-Brexit trade woes deepen
03.05.2018 Independent - Britain will not get a Brexit deal better than current single market, Japan's ambassador to UK says
22.04.2018 Telegraph - EU rejects Theresa May's Brexit Irish border solution as doubts grow over whether UK can leave customs union
10.04.2018 Independent - India 'not in a rush' to sign trade deal with Britain, ambassador says
10.04.2018 Economist - Promised US post-Brexit trade deal may never materialise
10.04.2018 Independent - Japan says trade deal with EU is a greater priority than deal with UK
01.04.2018 Guardian - Spain refuses to back withdrawal deal over Gibraltar concerns
01.04.2018 Globale Justice - Liam Fox humiliated after returning empty-handed from US tariff talks
18.03.2018 Independent - EU rejects Theresa May's trade plan and warns UK will suffer 'negative economic consequences'
18.02.2018 Independent - Britain must allow chlorine-washed chicken if it wants post-Brexit trade deal with US, Trump adviser says
09.02.2018 Independent - Ministers admit almost 65 existing trade deals with non-EU countries are ‘at risk because of Brexit’
09.02.2018 Business Insider UK - Bank of America: Theresa May's Brexit plan is 'not possible'
09.02.2018 City AM - Britain already has a free trade deal with China, brexit won’t improve it
09.02.2018 Independent - Liam Fox casts doubt on whether UK will have China deal even after EU withdrawal
22.01.2018 Express - Chuka Umunna claims British Government MISLEADING public on Brexit talks
20.01.2018 Huffington Post - Emmanuel Macron Dismisses 'Special' Brexit Deal As 'Hypocrisy' In Blow To Theresa May
07.01.2018 The Times - British Chamber of Commerce: trade deal with EU vital
10.12.2017 Guardian - Global powers lobby to stop special Brexit deal for UK
10.12.2017 Independent - Hammond: UK will pay Brexit divorce bill even if no trade deal reached with EU
03.12.2017 Financial Times - UK bows to EU demands with breakthrough offer on Brexit bill
19.11.2017 Telegraph - David Davis fails to convince German business leaders over Brexit free trade deal
12.11.2017 Business Insider UK - 60% of UK firms ready to trigger contingency Brexit plans and move staff within months
04.11.2017 The Times - Preparing for Brexit deal to cost £1m a day — and ‘it will favour EU’
04.11.2017 Independent - David Davis concedes Brexit withdrawal agreement with EU will 'probably favour the union' financially
29.10.2017 Leave HQ - What is wrong with the WTO Option
29.10.2017 The Times - EU global deals threaten to wreck Brexit transition hopes
29.10.2017 MSN News - Brexit Secretary David Davis to make case for 'no deal' to cabinet
29.10.2017 Financial Times - Liam Fox seeks to narrow focus for post-Brexit US trade deal
22.10.2017 James Hardy - Who actually trades solely under WTO rules?
07.10.2017 Reuters - Prepare now for over-the-cliff Brexit, German industry says
01.10.2017 Business Insider UK - Theresa May says the UK government is preparing for 'no deal' after Brexit
24.09.2017 - Australian trade minister says special relationship with UK is now for 'yesteryear'
12.09.2017 Telegraph - Leaked memo from City's Brexit envoy reveals ‘sobering’ analysis of EU stance
02.09.2017 BBC News - Thought we got control back? Think again! UK 'must not allow itself to be blackmailed'
06.08.2017 Independent - Britain will not have same access to single market after Brexit, top Tory in Brussels admits
31.07.2017 Guardian - Early talks on post-Brexit trade deal 'increasingly unlikely'
27.07.2017 Express - Brexit Food expert blames EU withdrawal for UK not 'standing up' to chlorine chicken
25.07.2017 Huffington Post - Liam Fox Concedes UK Unlikely To Agree Free Trade Deal With EU In Time For Brexit
25.07.2017 Independent - EU won't sign trade deal if UK starts deregulation race to the bottom
16.07.2017 BBC News - UK Brexit plan 'could fall apart at first tap like chocolate orange'
16.07.2017 Telegraph - Euro-judge warns of unpleasant Brexit surprise from European Court
16.07.2017 Europeans Com - New warning from Bank of England on Brexit trade
09.07.2017 Guardian - German industry warns UK not to expect help in Brexit talks
08.07.2017 Independent - EU chief negotiator kills key Tory strategy by ruling out 'frictionless trade' with EU
21.06.2017 Huffington Post - UK Caves In On First Day Of Brexit Talks
10.06.2017 Business Insider UK - OECD: Britain will crash out of the EU without trade deal
05.06.2017 Express - Merkel will 'use POINTLESS Brexit' to take India and China deals AWAY from UK
31.05.2017 Financial Times - UK will need to renegotiate at least 759 treaties
29.05.2017 Express - Pushed to back of ANOTHER queue: Australia favours EU
29.05.2017 Reuters - Not so fast - EU court ensures 32 vetoes on Brexit trade
29.05.2017 The Times - EU court threatens Brexit trade deals
06.05.2017 Telegraph - Brexit illusions about to be shattered
30.04.2017 Daily Mail - Angela Merkel: Brexiteers DELUSIONAL for wanting a better deal out of EU
30.04.2017 i News - Merkel toughens Brexit stance, warning British about ‘illusions’
25.04.2017 Irish Times - Australia looking at Ireland to replace UK
25.04.2017 The Times - Trump puts EU ahead of Britain in trade queue
25.04.2017 Independent - Trump bumps Britain down the queue, US-EU deal comes first
09.04.2017 Business Insider UK - Merrill Lynch: Virtually every single Brexit outcome to damage British trade
04.04.2017 Guardian - They'll be queueing up to sign deals with us! Not quite, 1 BILLLION people India not bothered
31.03.2017 Forbes - EU Lays Out A Greek Trap For The UK
30.03.2017 Independent - Huge blow to PM: Merkel derails Brexit plan by rejecting parallel trade talks
30.03.2017 Independent - François Hollande tells Theresa May that talks on EU-UK relations must wait
15.03.2017 Independent - David Davis admits Government has done no economic assessment of hard brexit
14.03.2017 Huffington Post - New Trade Deals Are ‘Far Beyond’ Liam Fox’s Department
05.03.2017 Express - Daily Express' embarrassing admission: Britain may pay MORE to EU after Brexit
05.03.2017 Independent - Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union is getting scared
26.02.2017 Spectator - Deal with US unlikely
19.02.2017 Sky News - Civil Service not ready to negotiate Brexit
05.02.2017 Independent - May gives up on 'cherry picking' terms for a deal with EU
21.01.2017 Independent - Switzerland to UK: NO to post-brexit alliance
17.01.2017 Guardian - Netherlands to veto UK Tax Haven project
16.01.2017 Financial Times - German Employers predict gains at the expense of brexit
11.01.2017 Financial Times - Forget 'they need us more than we need them': German bosses say 'Screw you UK'
08.01.2017 Guardian - Brexit ‘CATASTROPHE’ - Canadian trade expert
08.01.2017 Financial Times - Golden age between UK and China... OVER
06.01.2017 Independent - Out on its own, China and India will neglect UK
31.12.2016 Mirror - US want to steal business from us thanks to Brexit
17.12.2016 Guardian - UK Naive as it approaches negotiations
17.12.2016 Independent - WTO Deals to be ruined by Territorial disputes
06.12.2016 - It's way MORE LIKELY to get worse under the WTO
20.11.2016 Financial Times - UK faces Brexit bill of up to €60bn as Brussels toughens stance
14.11.2016 Popular Science - Aussie trade deal dreams in tatters as $40 BILLION order worth of submarines goes to the FRENCH!!
07.11.2016 BBC News - India: Let us come to UK in exchange for deal
06.11.2016 Guardian - India: UK-India trade not interesting
06.11.2016 Guardian - Idiot Liam Fox told he cannot get deals till we're out of EU
27.10.2016 Business Insider UK - Australia deals massive blow to UK
13.10.2016 Guardian - EU: it's either Hard Brexit or no Brexit at all
09.10.2016 Sunday Express - Brexit supporting paper Express admits WTO deal won't happen unless 163 countries it's made of all agree.
09.10.2016 - Forget Brussels, Brexit’s toughest battleground is the WTO
08.10.2016 Guardian - EU Leaders TOGETHER now determined to give us a VERY harsh deal
06.10.2016 Guardian - Boom! We just lost a conciliatory country that was willing to be reasonable with us....
03.10.2016 Guardian - Leaving: easy. Trade deals? Forget that...
30.09.2016 Guardian - Senior Tory (yes, Tory!) says Liam Fox is delusional about Trade Deals
30.09.2016 Guardian - EU Leaders together: Expect a hard Brexit. Bad, bad news.
30.09.2016 Business Insider UK - Theresa May's knickers in a twist over LOSE-LOSE Brexit outcome
30.09.2016 Irish Times - Only crap options available for Trade Deals with EU
27.09.2016 Financial Times - Italy wants tough deal for Britain
23.09.2016 Independent - Cost of Brexit estimated at £4.5 Billion AT LEAST. Oh, the pain...
20.09.2016 Guardian - Obama (again): you'll be at the end of the queue. EU and Asia to the front.
20.09.2016 Guardian - Tories pushing for hard brexit meaning we're going to lose our sweet spot on the continent...
If the economy suffers from brexit, jobs will be lost. Are the early relocations we're already seeing (oldest links below) a warning about things to come? We only have the figures until the end of June 2016 for now. Wait and See. Follow this facebook page about jobs lost to brexit.
23.06.2018 Sun - BMW joins Airbus in warning over Brexit as car firm hints it could cut UK operations
23.06.2018 BBC News - Airbus warns no-deal Brexit could see it leave UK
23.06.2018 BBC News - Rolls-Royce announces 4,600 job cuts
23.06.2018 BBC News - CBI chief: Industry sectors face Brexit extinction
27.05.2018 Bloomberg - Layoffs Arrive in Brexit Britain, and Auto Workers Are Up First
20.05.2018 Guardian - Hard Brexit could force part of Tilda's Essex mill to close
07.05.2018 Sky News - 1,000 high street jobs at risk as Jacques Vert owner collapses
03.05.2018 Express - British workers are SNUBBING UK in favour of jobs in the EU
03.05.2018 Telegraph - Rolls-Royce mulls European move as Brexit deal worries grow
22.04.2018 Halifax Courier - Bad deal on Brexit puts 250,000 Yorkshire jobs at risk
01.04.2018 Guardian - Industry planning jobs cull to offset Brexit
01.04.2018 BBC News - 2,000 jobs under threat at fashion chain
01.04.2018 BBC News - Prezzo restaurant group to close 94 outlets
01.04.2018 Financial Times - One in 7 EU companies moves supply chain out of UK
18.03.2018 Sky News - Boards of Dove-maker Unilever finalise move to axe UK HQ
18.03.2018 Sky News - Boards of Dove-maker Unilever finalise move to axe UK HQ
18.03.2018 London School of Economics - EU Withdrawal Agreement: the real losers will be British businesses and British citizens
18.03.2018 BBC News - New Look rescue deal puts 980 jobs at risk
03.03.2018 Chronicle Live - Vote Leave economist admits Brexit would 'mostly eliminate manufacturing'
18.02.2018 Bloomberg - Layoffs Arrive in Brexit Britain, and Auto Workers Are Up First
09.02.2018 BBC News - Homebase owners may close up to 40 stores
27.01.2018 BBC News - JP Morgan boss in new warning on Brexit job losses
22.01.2018 The National - Brexit will cost Scotland 21,000 jobs as early as 2019
27.12.2017 Guardian - City of London will lose 10,500 jobs on day one
04.11.2017 BBC News - Bank of England believes Brexit could cost 75,000 finance jobs
29.10.2017 Evening Standard - Brexit 'will be bad for young people', believe half of employers
29.10.2017 BBC News - Bombardier sheds 280 jobs, Schlumberger plans plant closure
29.10.2017 Telegraph - Hewden collapses into adminstration after warning about Brexit slowdown
18.10.2017 BBC News - Sainsbury's to cut 2,000 jobs in cost-saving drive
22.10.2017 Railway Gazette - DB Cargo plans to cut 893 jobs in UK
24.09.2017 Engineering and Technology - Brexit could hasten job automation as foreign labour departs UK, report says
27.07.2017 Bloomberg - Jobs Lost to Brexit ‘Impossible’ to Get Back, Bank Chief Says
16.07.2017 BBC News - EasyJet picks Austrian base for post-Brexit plan
16.07.2017 Independent - More than two million UK employees work for companies reliant on investment from EU
02.07.2017 The Times - France plans to exploit Brexit opportunities with glee
13.06.2017 Reuters - Airbus considering leaving Britain
29.05.2017 Wales Online - Aerospace companies: concerns work will shift to Europe
14.05.2017 Independent - Banks planning to move 9,000 jobs from Britain to mainland Europe
14.05.2017 Irish Times - JP Morgan confirms new jobs on way in Dublin expansion
14.05.2017 Financial Times - Warnings of staff relocations after Brexit rise sharply
30.04.2017 Food Manufacture - Nestlé’s Poland move: ‘first of many Brexit transfers’
30.04.2017 Bloomberg - Deutsche Bank Says 4,000 UK Jobs at Risk in Brexit
30.04.2017 Guardian - Foster + Partners plans redundancies after Brexit uncertainty
30.04.2017 ITV News - Nestle to cut hundreds of jobs in UK amid Poland move
25.04.2017 Scotsman - Diageo axes more than 100 jobs because of brexit
18.04.2017 Express - Banking and Medicine agency relocation in Europe will cost thousands of jobs
09.04.2017 Guardian - Up to 100,000 UK jobs at risk as EU warns on euro clearing
09.04.2017 Sleaford Standard - Jobs blow as Great Plains announces closure of Sleaford factory
02.04.2017 Independent - Microsoft, HSBC, UBS threaten to pull business from the UK
22.03.2017 Guardian - UK-based airlines told to move to Europe after Brexit or lose major routes
19.03.2017 Scotsman - Drinks manufacturer considers leaving UK due to Brexit
05.03.2017 Business Insider UK - Almost 2,500 British jobs have been put on the line in the last 24 hours
19.02.2017 Guardian - Vauxhall jobs at the mercy of the French
05.02.2017 BBC News - UK based German firms fear cost increases - redundancies on the horizon?
29.01.2017 Bloomberg - Poles to leave UK and take jobs with them
21.01.2017 Huffington Post - JP Morgan to Theresa May: brexit very disruptive, dangerous, damaging to jobs
17.01.2017 Stoke Sentinel - 232 jobs lost, factory moves to Berlin
01.01.2017 Express - Old immigrant jobs not for you, for robots
17.12.2016 Independent - 40% of US firms with British offices are considering relocating to the EU
11.12.2016 Independent - Citigroup off to Germany
10.12.2016 International Business Times - London banks 'in advanced stages' of shifting operations to Paris
06.12.2016 Independent - Ford to consider closing UK factories
27.11.2016 Guardian - Biggest Squeeze on wages in 70 years
24.11.2016 BBC News - Workers' pay growth prospects dreadful
14.11.2016 Financial Times - Losing Euro clearing business could cost 83,000 jobs
06.11.2016 Business Insider UK - Japanese Companies preparing their move to the EU
29.10.2016 Irish Examiner - Over 100 UK firms looking to move abroad
27.10.2016 Guardian - 120 jobs lost at ITV
22.10.2016 Independent - Travis Perkins closes 30 branches, axes 600 jobs
20.10.2016 Independent - It's started: British Firm moves to EU to stay in single market
17.10.2016 Independent - Eurostar lays off staff on account of brexit
17.10.2016 Daily Mail - 3000 Jobs lost at Virgin, Brexit the cause
12.10.2016 Chronicle Live - Nissan jobs are 'hanging by a thread' over Brexit, union warns (also shown in 'Car Industry')
09.10.2016 Telegraph - Scotland to lose 80,000 jobs over brexit. We wonder how much more it will be in the rest of the UK...
30.09.2016 Independent - Jaguar Land Rover boss: (hard brexit) would be 'disastrous' for jobs!
26.09.2016 Reuters - Majority of UK CEOs considering moving operations abroad
22.09.2016 Chronicle Live - Leave economist admits Brexit would 'mostly eliminate manufacturing'
22.09.2016 Oxford Mail - Bad Brexit deal could threaten thousands of jobs at BMW's Oxford plant
21.09.2016 Financial Times - Big Ad Firm shifts to France.
17.09.2016 Telegraph - Businesses look to Dublin for new EU base
07.09.2016 ITV News - Ryanair bases planes outside of UK
31.08.2016 Reuters - Lush relocates to Germany.
The £, otherwise known as 'pound' or GBP, is the currency we use in the UK. Because we're the only country to use it, whatever we buy abroad needs to be bought in other currencies. We can trade pounds for other currencies such as Yens, Dollars or Euros, but depending on the trust and confidence foreigners put in the £, they may ask more or less £ in exchange of their own money. Since Theresa May has announced we will have a hard brexit (twice now!), foreign countries seem to agree our £ and the business activity it underwrites are in serious trouble. So the £ is going down. This will become red if we go below 30% devaluation compared to June 23rd, 2016.
Barely a few days after Article 50 was invoked and big dark clouds are gathering above the £: losing the Euro clearing business COULD TAKE 30% OFF THE VALUE OF THE £, as warned by many on the continent.
03.05.2018 City AM - Sterling falls after UK manufacturing growth continues to slow
03.05.2018 Independent - Pound falls sharply against dollar and euro as UK economy almost grinds to a halt
18.02.2018 Express - Pound to euro exchange rate: Sterling hits a new LOW thanks to Brexit uncertainty
18.02.2018 Evening Standard - € exchange rate: Sterling value drops as Michel Barnier threatens to pull plug on Brexit transition period
30.01.2018 Telegraph - Sterling's surge is being fuelled by oil, not a Brexit bounce
25.07.2017 Guardian - Britons travelling to Europe offered just €0.88 for £1
25.07.2017 Sky News - £ tumbles to eight-month low against the €
13.06.2017 City AM - Sterling weakens further as government falters
29.05.2017 The Times - Pound’s fall ‘the worst devaluation in history’
29.05.2017 Reuters - Pound suffers biggest one-day fall since January as Conservative lead slides
29.05.2017 Independent - $55bn fund manager BlueBay betting big against £
04.04.2017 Belfast Telegraph - £ weighed down by brexit row over Gibraltar and manufacturing slowdown
13.03.2017 Reuters - Sterling hits seven-week low because of consumer slowdown
19.02.2017 Business Insider UK - £ could fall 16% more
16.01.2017 BBC News - Now the £ falls BEFORE Theresa May speaks!
12.01.2017 City AM - UK Trade Deficit takes £ even lower - repeated in 'Exports'
09.01.2017 Financial Times - May hints at Plan and £ falls. AGAIN!
16.10.2016 Telegraph - £'s about to lose its reserve currency status
12.10.2016 Financial Times - £ at 168 year low!!!!!
11.10.2016 Financial Times - Again and again, £ takes beating
10.10.2016 BBC News - Less than €1 for £1 at airports.
10.10.2016 Bloomberg - £ not recovering from injuries sustained at the hand of Theresa May
13.04.2016 Le Temps - In French, Swiss source: \"Losing Euro Clearing could make the £ fall 30% against the €\"
Farming, Fishing, food Industry
We depend on our farming industry for some of our food and for the livelihood of our farmers. If you fly the British flag high, you should be proud of a tradition going back thousands of years. In modern times, many farmers have been faced with commercial pressures unheared of for most of Farming's history and a lot have benefitted from the help of the EU in the form of CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) subsidies.
10.06.2018 The Press and Journal - Peterhead fish processing could be relocated to Poland after Brexit, expert warns
20.05.2018 BBC News - Farm unions call for tariff free trade with EU
20.05.2018 Wales Online - This is what young Welsh farmers told MPs scared them about Brexit
03.05.2018 Parliament - UK Parliament: Free trade agreement with EU crucial for UK food and drink industry
22.04.2018 The Times - Farmers warned over Brexit trade barriers
10.04.2018 - Close to 100% of UK farms could be worse off after Brexit
01.04.2018 Mirror - John Prescott: Greed sank the UK's fishing industry, not the EU - John Prescott
18.02.2018 Guardian - British farmer moves fruit-growing to China over Brexit uncertainty
09.02.2018 Independent - UK crops left to rot after drop in EU farm workers in Britain after Brexit referendum
03.12.2017 Huffington Post - Farmers' Incomes Will Be Slashed By Half If 'No Deal' With Brussels
26.11.2017 New Economics Foundation - Brexit poses ‘severe threat to Britain's fishing communities’
19.11.2017 Grimsby Telegraph - Brexit exemption sought for Grimsby seafood trade
04.11.2017 Euractiv - Livestock farmers warn MPs of bleak future after hard Brexit –
15.10.2017 Huffington Post - Farmers' Incomes Will Be Slashed By Half If 'No Deal' With Brussels
07.10.2017 - US rounds on Britain over food quotas as post-Brexit trade woes deepen
07.10.2017 Financial Times - Trump opposes EU-UK agri-deal in blow to May’s Brexit plans
24.09.2017 Independent (Ireland) - UK farmer who voted to leave EU realises he faces ruin without migrant workers
06.08.2017 Guardian - Brexit could leave Britain with a bare larder, farmers warn
06.08.2017 Daily Mail - Hard Brexit will see favourite brands 'ripped off abroad'
06.08.2017 Express - Michael Gove vows EU fishermen can STILL use UK waters AFTER divorce
31.07.2017 Farmers Weekly - Brexiter Dyson warns government not to cut farm subsidies
27.07.2017 BBC News - UK 'overwhelmingly reliant' on abattoir vets from EU
27.07.2017 Independent - UK farmers are setting up businesses in Poland ahead of Brexit
25.07.2017 Guardian - UK 'sleepwalking' into food insecurity
05.06.2017 Guardian - Farmers feeling increasingly gloomy about Brexit
29.05.2017 Express - Australia: sacrifice Welsh Farmers if you want brexit deal
29.05.2017 Lincolnshire Live - Lincolnshire farmers could lose £128 million after brexit
14.05.2017 The Times - Farmers: We need a deal with Europe
06.05.2017 Guardian - Brexit could wipe out Welsh farming, says union
24.03.2017 ITV News - Ukip: Access to European single market 'critical' for Welsh farmers post-Brexit
21.01.2017 BBC One - UK Farmers to compete with Texan Farmers
06.12.2016 Business Insider UK - Major crisis ahead for farmers
20.10.2016 Food Manufacture - Lack of Brexit plans a ‘huge threat’ to food industry
17.10.2016 Sky News - Fresh British veg 'could be wiped out by Brexit'
Most people, from any political persuasion agree that our planet is in danger, that the environment needs looking after. It is our duty to protect animals rather than exterminate them to extinction. We now know that diesel fumes cause asthma in children in cancer in every one. We're not going to have petrol forever anyway, so any decent government needs to look into all that and make sure the planet, starting with the country, is well looked after. In April 2017, official documents were leaked in a train while a civil servant was browsing them. Basically the documents were saying that Prime Minister Theresa May was ready to sacrifice the Environment for brexit.
22.04.2018 Guardian - Green Brexit unlikely despite government claims, report concludes
18.02.2018 UnEarthed - A hard-Brexit think tank accidentally published its plans for US-UK ‘shadow trade talks’
09.02.2018 UnEarthed - UK opposes EU recycling goals despite May's call for plastic crackdown
27.12.2017 UnEarthed - Leaked EU-Brazil trade deal documents raises Brexit environment fears
24.09.2017 Climate Change News - UK omits climate change from post-Brexit foreign policy plan
06.08.2017 Independent - Brexit will cause 'decade of damaging uncertainty' for the environment, warns outgoing National Trust chief
25.07.2017 Guardian - Michael Gove’s green dream: like Brexit, the reality awaits
28.06.2017 Guardian - UK on track to miss carbon emissions target due to stalled energy policy
03.06.2017 Guardian - Without EU regulations, UK to become toxic dumping ground for cancer causing chemicals
18.04.2017 Daily Star - T. May furious as diplomatic notes about environment are snapped on train
UK nations
The EU affords a lot of advantages to UK regions or nations. For example Northern Ireland has benefitted from peace, prosperity and freedom of movement under European auspices since the Good Friday agreement. Scotland has voted massively to stay in the EU and places like Gibraltar - strategically vital - take advantage of open borders and trade opportunities. Will we stay together as a country though?
10.06.2018 Express - Northern Ireland could QUIT UK amid SURGE for united Ireland
20.05.2018 Independent - Falkland Islands government sounds alarm on leaving single market
10.04.2018 Belfast Telegraph - Some unionists would prefer united Ireland to Brexit, says Powell
03.03.2018 Huffington Post - Good Friday Agreement 'Not Sustainable,' Says Brexiteer Kate Hoey
07.01.2018 Express - The price of Brexit? Support for United Ireland SOARS after border talks chaos
27.12.2017 Telegraph - Brexit threatens to 'reinforce partition' in Ireland and must be stopped, celebrities tell Irish PM
13.06.2017 Independent - Gerry Adams: Brexit will destroy the Good Friday Agreement
01.05.2017 Daily Record - Scots prefer independence in EU rather than Tory rule in brexit UK
30.04.2017 Irish Times - EU: Northern Ireland to immediately join EU if reunification takes place
18.04.2017 Express - Northern Ireland voters shame Brexit, claiming they're 'better off' rejoining the REPUBLIC
09.04.2017 Huffington Post - Spain Not To Block An Independent Scotland’s Bid To Rejoin EU
01.04.2017 CNBC - EU offers Spain final veto on deal over Gibraltar
13.03.2017 New Statesman - Second Scottish independence referendum a win-win for Sturgeon
13.03.2017 Reuters - Sinn Fein wants vote on Northern Ireland leaving UK 'as soon as possible'
13.03.2017 Independent (Ireland) - Case for Irish reunification is overwhelming
19.02.2017 Guardian - Bertie Ahern: Northern Ireland peace at risk because of Brexit
21.01.2017 Guardian - Gerry Adams: Northern Ireland's EU exit will destroy peace deal
17.01.2017 BBC News - Scotland wisely wants to stay in the Single Market, Indiref 2 now on the cards
16.01.2017 The National - EU: Independent Scotland welcome as new EU member
05.01.2017 Bloomberg - UK Regions to lost £40 Billions of EU funding
03.01.2017 Independent - Orkney Islands consider Independence
20.10.2016 Telegraph - 2nd Scotland Independence Referendum likely
15.07.2016 Independent - Wales told not to expect same level of funding as it got from the EU - despite voting Brexit
15.03.2016 Daily Mail - UK could lose Gibraltar to Spain
21.06.2016 BBC News - Theresa May predicts Irish border controls if UK pulls out of European Union
Just like the NHS, schools and universities relie on talent from overseas and in particular the EU. It could be vital teacher assistants, the teachers themselves or researchers in Universities. As brexit causes the economy to decline and faulter, money available to the education sector will dwindle and that will jeopardise our children's future.
01.04.2018 Guardian - Brexit brain drain: elite universities say they are losing future research stars
14.01.2018 Independent - Brexit: More than 2,300 EU academics resign amid warning over UK university 'Brexodus'
06.08.2017 Times Higher Education - UK students ‘may be barred from Erasmus after Brexit’
31.07.2017 Le Monde - (In French) London's King’s College to set up Campus in Germany
25.07.2017 Huffington Post - Tory Minister Tobias Ellwood Blames Brexit For Drop In EU Students
14.05.2017 Guardian - University of Manchester to axe 171 staff amid Brexit concerns
18.04.2017 Guardian - Student loan interest rate to rise by a third because of inflation
18.04.2017 Huffington Post - Student Loan Interest Rates Soar To 6.1% Thanks To Post-Brexit Inflation
30.03.2017 Wales Online - brexit blamed for more than 100 job losses at Welsh Uni
13.03.2017 Times Higher Education - Heriot-Watt University blames Brexit for redundancies
17.01.2017 Guardian - Headteachers: school system ‘that could implode'
12.01.2017 BBC News - Oxford academics warning of Brexit 'disaster'
01.01.2017 Telegraph - School lunches price hike because of brexit
17.12.2016 BBC News - Schools face cuts of £3bn
Freedom of Movement has two sides. On one hand this allows you to go to Ibiza on holiday as if you were just going to Blackpool. It also allows you to find a job there, stay there and live there, in Ibiza or any of the other 27 EU countries. On the other hand, anyone from the EU can come here to work and live too. Is it advisable to close our borders? Who's going to pick our strawberries, who's going to care for us in the NHS? Do we really want to pay for Visas to go to Ibiza? Or have one downright refused because they will now be keeping files on us? Thing is the EU makes it one non negotiable thing to let people in AND to allow our products out so it seems you can't have prosperity AND closed borders at the same time. With Brexit, no-one's winning.
04.06.2018 BBC News - Farmers ask for looser controls on immigration
20.05.2018 Express - Turkey seeks trade deal with UK in exchange for freedom of movement
22.04.2018 Mirror - Brexit-backing Butlin's boss blasted over foreign recruitment drive after campaigning for British jobs
18.03.2018 The Times - Theresa May: Brussels will have role in setting post brexit migration system
27.01.2018 Sun - David Davis: Unlimited EU immigration to continue until 2021
22.01.2018 Guardian - LSE: EU migrants have no negative effect on UK wages
22.01.2018 Financial Times - EU migrants pay £20bn more in taxes than they receive
26.11.2017 Telegraph - Britain must accept more immigrants if it wants a free trade deal, Indian diplomat warns
12.11.2017 Independent - Cornwall appeals to government as crops ‘rot in fields’ due to shortage in migrant labour after Brexit
12.09.2017 Guardian - The truth about wages and immigration emerges at last
25.07.2017 Financial Times - UK to back temporary free movement after Brexit
21.06.2017 Independent - Hammond: current EU customs arrangements must stay
31.05.2017 i News - Immigration cuts ‘will mean a drop in living standards’
29.05.2017 BBC News - Apple's Jonathan Ive says immigration vital for UK firms
29.05.2017 Telegraph - Merkel: UK will pay price if EU immigration restricted
06.05.2017 Guardian - Biggest Brexit donor urges May to guarantee rights of EU nationals
30.04.2017 Express - Romania: Give our nationals British citizenship or NO Brexit deal
25.04.2017 Independent - Jaguar chief latest to warn of Brexit’s effects on UK industry
18.04.2017 Huffington Post - Ex UKIP's Carswell very much in favour of freedom of movement!
09.04.2017 Independent - Theresa May: Freedom of movement to stay until further notice
13.03.2017 Financial Times - Cutting EU migration unlikely to boost low wages, warn peers
13.03.2017 Independent - Brexit: Ending free movement will not reduce immigration
26.02.2017 Sunday Times - Migrants influx will not stop admits brexit secretary David Davis
21.01.2017 India Times - Deal with India as long as Indian immigration allowed to rise
05.01.2017 New Statesman - Brexit minister NOW SAYS IMMIGRATION IS GOOD!
05.01.2017 BBC News - Government: Even after brexit, migrants will still be allowed in
06.12.2016 Sky News - Boris supports freedom of movement
27.11.2016 BBC News - EU Dead serious about terms
07.11.2016 Daily Mail - India wants immigration doors open in exchange of deal
06.11.2016 Indy 100 - Hilarious: EU unskilled immigrants replaced by non-EU unskilled immigrants
08.10.2016 Daily Mail - Blow to Leavers' dreams as immigration may not be stopped after all.
27.09.2016 Guardian - Immigrants not pushing wages down after all
27.09.2016 Telegraph - Bojo sucking up to Turkey for deal. Will Turks be allowed to come here in exchange???
22.09.2016 Guardian - EU Win over Swiss immigration limitation request
10.09.2016 Telegraph - VISAs to travel to Europe, when you think Schengen Visas can cost €150 (~ £135 - if the £ stays high enough)...
Business, Industry, Retail
We make money selling things abroad. This may be easy (as it is now in the EU) or it may be difficult (as it is to sell in Japan, which has loads of trade barriers). Leaving the EU will make it difficult for us to do business there there, and it will make it difficult at least for a while to sell into markets we are selling in now via EU trade deals. The logistics of trade may also be affected by brexit.
23.06.2018 Independent - Nine in 10 UK employers struggling to find skilled workers with Brexit set to make shortage worse, survey finds
10.06.2018 Guardian - High street 2018: a tale of lost shops and at least 35,000 jobs at risk
10.06.2018 Financial Times - Logistics industry says ‘too late’ to avoid Brexit disruption
27.05.2018 Telegraph - Blow to ‘max fac’ Brexiteer ministers as HMRC reveals £20bn cost to businesses
20.05.2018 Reuters - Brexit edges UK companies out of EU supply chain
07.05.2018 Deutsche Welle - German firms say Brexit makes British market less attractive than Middle East, North Africa
22.04.2018 Sky News - CBI: Cost of Brexit bonfire of EU rules vastly outweighs benefits
22.04.2018 Independent - Airbus warns hard Brexit will cause business to 'grind to a halt’
22.04.2018 BBC News - UK manufacturing output falls 0.2% in February
01.04.2018 BBC News - Next admits toughest trading period 'for 25 years'
01.04.2018 Politics Home - Cabinet Brexit report warns UK will not be ready for customs changes by 2021
01.04.2018 BBC News - Brexit: UK firms 'fearful' for future migration system
09.02.2018 Reuters - Britain tells business - We cannot guarantee your Brexit future
09.02.2018 Guardian - Hard Brexit and China deal would wipe out Welsh steel industry, first minister claims
30.01.2018 Bloomberg - French Message to Japan Inc.: U.K. Presence in EU Is Finished
27.01.2018 20 minutes - 60 Companies could leave London for Paris, 10 already gone (in French)
14.01.2018 Independent - Brexit: Companies to be charged VAT upfront on goods from Europe in 'disastrous' blow to businesses
14.01.2018 ITV News - John Lewis group profits collapse by more than 50%
27.12.2017 Business Insider UK - Iain Duncan Smith says UK business will have to 'get by' with harder EU trade after Brexit
27.12.2017 BBC News - December shopper footfall down 'significantly'
27.12.2017 Retail Gazette - UK set to be 3rd slowest growing retail market on Earth in 2018
27.12.2017 BBC News - Fears grow across the Atlantic over Brexit fallout
26.11.2017 Business Insider UK - Leading British businessman attacks Fox over export remarks
19.11.2017 Independent - Brexit: Failure to introduce new customs system by date of Britain's EU withdrawal would be 'catastrophic'
04.11.2017 Independent - City of London office leasing at a ten-year low
15.10.2017 Financial Times - No way round it: Watchdog warns City on using shell companies to access EU
06.08.2017 Evening Standard - London: Over a third of new shops and offices still unlet after six months
31.07.2017 International Business Times - Brexit will throw British businesses into the jaws of more red tape
16.07.2017 Independent - Brexit: Manufacturers face ‘tipping point’
05.07.2017 The Times - Manufacturers: Industry is near Brexit tipping point
05.07.2017 Guardian - UK manufacturers say Brexit uncertainty will force them to make cuts
02.07.2017 Financial Times - EU businesses start to replace British suppliers ahead of Brexit
02.07.2017 Telegraph - UK firms 'failing to prepare' for regulation changes after Brexit
28.06.2017 Lancashire Telegraph - Prominent brexiter changes his mind in Brexit U-turn
28.06.2017 Guardian - CBI: UK economy will slow amid Brexit talks and pay squeeze
13.06.2017 BBC News - IoD: Hung parliament sinks business confidence
29.05.2017 The Register - Under Brexit, service faces five-fold rise in transactions
16.05.2017 The Times - European businesses turn their backs on British suppliers
14.05.2017 Business Insider UK - Billions in EU funding for small UK businesses is about to get shut off
20.04.2017 Financial Times - Valuable deals already stopped by Brussels
18.04.2017 Huffington Post - Philip Hammond dealt a “humiliating” blow at government-organised conference
18.04.2017 Bloomberg - HSBC: Companies Already Re-Routing Business Due to Brexit
18.04.2017 Guardian - Catastrophe looms at ports after Brexit
09.04.2017 Independent - UK Business market place not competitive any more
09.04.2017 Business Insider UK - Foreign companies warn about Brexit's impact on taxes
13.03.2017 Guardian - US businesses warn UK over loss of access to EU single market: £487bn at risk
19.02.2017 Independent - Europe’s largest management consultancy: Don’t invest in Britain!
19.02.2017 Belfast Telegraph - Third of businesses already feeling Brexit pain
19.02.2017 Eureferendum - Chaos at our ports
07.02.2017 Guardian - Brexit: UK business DOWN, German firms UP
29.01.2017 Daily Mail - Daily Mail: (Not even kidding!) BREXIT IS BAD FOR BUSINESS
17.01.2017 Guardian - Business leaders: beware disorderly brexit crash landing
18.12.2016 CNBC - Brexit to blame for over $81 billion worth of missed investment opportunities
17.12.2016 Guardian - MORE RED TAPE for businesses
06.11.2016 Financial Times - Brexit risks 60% drop in service sector exports
06.11.2016 Express - Essential Polish workforce leaving as £ not worth it
27.10.2016 Financial Times - Trouble for business as Brexit brings chaos at Borders
20.10.2016 The New York Review Books - The Death of British Business
20.10.2016 Independent - David Davis: businesses face ‘cliff edge’
09.10.2016 Telegraph - UK Businesses shunned by Brussels, big opportunities lost
08.10.2016 BBC News - Sports Direct hit by Brexit, shares down, expect more businesses to be affected too!
30.09.2016 Business Insider Singapore - France changes law to allow Business to be conducted in English to lure in our companies
29.09.2016 LanguedocLiving - French Region Languedoc makes it easy for UK businesses to relocate there. It's good news, but not sure who for.
29.09.2016 - Health Care industry on hold because of brexit
28.09.2016 Radio Times - Alan Sugar pessimistic about future out of EU
26.09.2016 Financial Times - Heathrow chief warns of debilitating toll in leaving EU customs union.
Finance, Banking Sector, Legal Sector
8% of the UK's GDP comes from the financial sector, this is a lot of tax money that helps building roads and schools, pay for the NHS and our military. While we are in the EU we can take part in the lucrative Euro (€) trade. Expect job losses and relocalisations to Dublin, Frankfort or The Hague. Then cuts in the NHS. Ouch. 20 Oct. 2016: there are more and more noises about banks leaving. Keeping this orange while it's still only noises, but this is worrying.
23.06.2018 Financial Times - Fund founded by Rees-Mogg sets up post-Brexit vehicle in Dublin
23.06.2018 City Wire - Morgan Stanley moves funds to Dublin as 500 London jobs go
23.06.2018 Reuters - Bankers to ask Theresa May why they should stay after Brexit
10.06.2018 Financial Times - Germany backs call for shifting euro clearing from London after Brexit
10.06.2018 Reuters World - Bank of America raises planned Paris job moves before Brexit
04.06.2018 Evening Standard - Lloyd's of London relocates staff from the City to Brussels in time for Brexit
27.05.2018 Financial Times - Big banks boost Brexit exodus budgets
20.05.2018 RTE - Thomson Reuters to move $300bn-a-day forex trade here
07.05.2018 Independent (Ireland) - Merrill Lynch to move 125 jobs to Dublin after Brexit
01.04.2018 This Is Money - More than a fifth of Britain's top financial firms confirm plans to move to Continent
01.04.2018 Financial News - Martin Wheatley: City suffering ‘irreversible damage’ from Brexit
18.03.2018 Independent - UBS to move London jobs to Europe as lack of transition deal forces 'significant changes'
18.03.2018 Independent - Euroclear confirms holding company move from London to Brussels
18.03.2018 Reuters - France rejects Britain's plan for banks to access EU after Brexit
09.02.2018 Reuters - EU rejects Brexit plan for banks by Britain's financial industry
27.01.2018 BBC News - Goldman Sachs boss warns on irreversible Brexit plans
20.01.2018 Financial Times - Emmanuel Macron rejects special access for City after Brexit
07.01.2018 Financial Times - Britain braced for Brexit raid on £8tn asset management industry
07.01.2018 Financial Times - And now Milan moves to lure London asset managers after Brexit
27.12.2017 Guardian - UK cannot have a special deal for the City, says EU's Brexit negotiator
03.12.2017 Telegraph - City ignores Whitehall charm offensive as Brexit patience wanes
26.11.2017 Independent - UK banks will lose 'passporting rights' after Britain leaves EU, Michel Barnier says
29.10.2017 Financial Times - Germany puts banks on Brexit warning - Threatening 100s of jobs in London
29.10.2017 Evening Standard - Top London law firms plan Ireland move after Brexit, posing threat to huge profit driver
29.10.2017 Telegraph - Brexit must be agreed by end of year to avoid firms fleeing abroad and causing new financial crisis
29.10.2017 Financial Times - Banks plan to shift Asian trading from London to HK
22.10.2017 Financial Times - How the City finally raised its voice over Brexit
15.10.2017 Yahoo Finance - Brexit banking exodus from City is now unstoppable
07.10.2017 Reuters - Wall Street moves to Frankfurt as Brexit doubts grow
24.09.2017 Guardian - Lloyd’s of London firm moves European base to Dublin over Brexit
02.09.2017 BBC News - Frankfurt is winning the battle for Brexit spoils
06.08.2017 Bloomberg - Trading Firms Pick Amsterdam Over London as Brexit
31.07.2017 Independent - £1 trillion London fund management business threatened by latest EU guidance
25.07.2017 Guardian - Is this the Brexit banking exodus Theresa May told us couldn’t happen?
25.07.2017 Bloomberg - Deutsche Bank Weighs Moving $350 Billion From U.K. to Frankfurt - Bloomberg
25.07.2017 Independent - Deutsche Bank chief executive tells employees to prepare for a hard Brexit
25.07.2017 Sky News - Wall Street giant Citi to unveil Brexit plan for new EU unit in Frankfort
25.07.2017 Guardian - Bank of America to move some City of London roles to Dublin post-Brexit
25.07.2017 Independent - Morgan Stanley chooses Frankfurt as post-Brexit EU hub
16.07.2017 Evening Standard - 70,000 City jobs at risk
16.07.2017 Independent - Societe Generale to move up to 400 banking jobs to Paris
16.07.2017 Reuters - Banks begin London exodus
08.07.2017 Bloomberg - Deutsche Bank to Retreat From London to Frankfurt
05.07.2017 Telegraph - Japanese banking giant Sumitomo Mitsui off to Frankfurt
02.07.2017 City AM - Barclays' EU base after Brexit likely to be Dublin
02.07.2017 Independent - UK's lead as Europe's top financial services destination shrinking
02.07.2017 Guardian - Ireland says dozen City firms and banks to set up in Dublin over Brexit
28.06.2017 Independent - Brexit: Japanese bank Nomura chooses Frankfurt for EU headquarters
13.06.2017 - Brussels makes euro clearing a Brexit battleground
13.06.2017 Reuters - Finance firms stick to hard Brexit relocation plans
29.05.2017 Independent - Legal & General announces plans to shift operations from UK to Dublin
16.05.2017 Irish Times - JP Morgan move to Ireland accelerating
06.05.2017 BBC News - Goldman Sachs: City 'will stall' over Brexit risk
06.05.2017 Bloomberg - JPMorgan to Move Hundreds of Staff to EU Offices on Brexit
06.05.2017 Money Marketing - EU prepares move on London’s euro-clearing market
30.04.2017 Irish Times - Brexit: Bank of America eyes space in Dublin for 100's of jobs
30.04.2017 EU Observer - EU to exclude financial services from post-Brexit deal
24.04.2017 Reuters - EU warns Britain - Don't assume free trade deal for the City
18.04.2017 Independent - Brexit: UK 'will lose £440bn derivatives business' and global banks are already planning the move
18.04.2017 City AM - EU making it easy for banks to settle on the continent
18.04.2017 Telegraph - Lloyds picks Berlin to secure its post-Brexit EU operation
18.04.2017 New York Times - Will London fall?
09.04.2017 Courrier - EU MEP dashes hopes of keeping euro clearing business in London after Brexit
09.04.2017 Business Insider NL - CARNEY: World’s biggest banks not to get sweetheart deal to stay in London after Brexit
09.04.2017 Guardian - Up to 100,000 UK jobs at risk as EU warns on euro clearing
09.04.2017 Independent - Standard Life considers making Dublin its EU hub because of Brexit
21.03.2017 Guardian - Goldman Sachs to move hundreds of staff out of London due to Brexit
14.03.2017 Evening Standard - London faces banking catastrophe if Article 50 triggered without early trade deal
13.03.2017 Financial Tribune - No EU Market Access for UK Banks After Brexit
19.02.2017 BBC News - City to lose Financial Capital of Europe status
21.01.2017 Handelsblatt - Via Bloomberg: Goldman Sachs May Cut London Staff by 50% on Brexit
21.01.2017 BBC News - City banks warn of definite Brexit job moves
05.01.2017 El Confidencial - (IN SPANISH) Santander pushes Paris to be new Finance hub instead of London
03.01.2017 Independent - Paris to nick 20,000 jobs from City
31.12.2016 Guardian - Leading banks leaving the UK
31.12.2016 Mirror - Over 100 firms, mostly banks, preparing move to Republic of Ireland
17.12.2016 Independent - Japanese banks tell Government they will move UK jobs to Europe within half a year
18.12.2016 Business Insider UK - BREXIT: The flight of capital has begun
17.12.2016 Financial Times - Lloyd’s of London to establish EU base in the new year
14.11.2016 The Times - Citi starts brexodus by moving 900 staff to Dublin
13.11.2016 Sky News - City bosses' dismay over Treasury minister talks
13.11.2016 This Is Money - Finance sector already moving abroad
29.10.2016 Independent - Brexit will 'take Britain back to the 1970s'
27.10.2016 RTE - Ireland wants Banking Authority after Brexit
23.10.2016 BBC News - Banks to leave UK over Brexit
23.10.2016 Guardian - Leading Banks to pull out of UK early 2017
16.10.2016 Guardian - Banks in UK will jump ship says US source to French Minister
16.10.2016 Telegraph - City Exodus has already started
11.10.2016 Financial Times - First big bank to leave City: VTB
08.10.2016 Business Insider UK - City to lose £469 BILLION worth of business
04.10.2016 Bloomberg - Seems like Prime Minister May is ready to sacrifice the Banking sector...
30.09.2016 Financial Times - Chuka Umunna: 5,501 groups unable to trade after brexit, thousands of jobs to be lost
27.09.2016 The Times - Hard Brexit could cost £10bn in lost taxes
25.09.2016 Reuters - Over 20 European business support their government requesting financial businesses to be in EU to play in EU
24.09.2016 Telegraph - Big US banks Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and BlackRock threaten Theresa May with relocation away from London
22.09.2016 Independent - £440 BILLION worth of derivatives business to go up in smoke as banks eye move to France and Germany.
22.09.2016 Reuters - Lloyd's jumping ship and testing the waters in Ireland
20.09.2016 Financial Times - Banks already relocating.
31.03.2014 City of London Economic Development - In 2014, Finances accounted for 11% of total of UK Tax receipts
Workers' Rights
Loads of your rights at work are guaranteed by the EU. Think minimum wage, paid holidays and above all working hours, or the most your employer can force you to do in a week. If the Tories stay in power, expect these rights to be diminished. If Labour comes to power, you may expect a bigger minimum wage, but that may lead to even more businesses moving abroad and lay-offs.
23.06.2018 Independent - Tory government drops human rights charter in UK law after Brexit
10.04.2018 Express - Shock claim: TUC boss says UK workers better off under EU regulations
18.02.2018 Independent - Official document raises prospect of tampering with workers' rights to boost economy
18.02.2018 Independent - Official document raises prospect of tampering with workers' rights to boost economy
27.12.2017 Independent - Theresa May refuses to guarantee EU rules for 48-hour working-week limit will survive Brexit
27.12.2017 Politics Home - Fury as Brexit ministers 'urge Theresa May to scrap EU working hours rules'
27.12.2017 Guardian - The unions are sounding the alarm over Brexit. Why isn’t Jeremy Corbyn?
12.11.2017 evolvEPolitics - Theresa May appoints man who wants to SCRAP PAID HOLIDAYS as top Brexit Minister
04.11.2017 Political Scrapbook - May's new Brexit minister wants to ditch EU laws protecting pregnant women and vulnerable workers
04.11.2017 evolvEPolitics - Theresa May appoints man who wants to SCRAP PAID HOLIDAYS as top Brexit Minister
12.09.2017 Guardian - Brexit: workers' rights best secured by staying in single market, says TUC chief
06.05.2017 Independent - Brexit to erode employment rights of middle and low income earners
07.02.2017 Independent - Explosion of Zero Hour contracts after brexit
29.01.2017 Guardian - Brits to work crazy hours and not paid hols, just like Chinese
08.11.2016 Independent - Government refuses to guarantee workers' rights
20.10.2016 Independent - fewer holiday days and lower holiday pay for British workers
02.10.2016 Independent - Prime Minister May to lower minimum wage in poorer areas - YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT!
02.10.2016 Independent - Government refuses to rule out cutting employment protections after Brexit
26.09.2016 Independent - Savage Tory plans for your working rights
Defence, Armed forces, Military, Security
That's our Army and Navy, and our AirForce too. Not that brexit or not, we collaborate a lot with the French, because it saves us money and the French want to hit pretty much the same bad guys. In today's world, military kit is highly sophisticated (think drones, satellites and lasers) and we need components, if not fully built airplanes from abroad (See F35 'one darn expensive bird' below). How is the low £ affect all this? And we need to cooperate too, won't our former EU partners hold a grudge?
20.05.2018 Independent - Britain to ‘lose influence’ in global security operations after Brexit (Parliament)
27.12.2017 Independent - EU will refuse to back UK over Falkland Islands in future UN votes , suggests former ambassador
27.12.2017 Financial Times - Britain confronts limits of its military power
05.06.2017 Independent - Business and security risks of leaving EU
16.05.2017 Telegraph - Royal Navy to lose missiles and be left only with guns
31.03.2017 The Times - Forces face shortfall of £10bn as costs soar
11.01.2017 Independent - UK to lose TOP Nato position to France because of brexit
31.12.2016 Telegraph - Brexit causes Armed Forces cuts
07.11.2016 BBC News - Government selling furniture: the country we got back is loosing its armed forces due to brexit hardship
30.09.2016 BBC News - MOD £700 million out of pocket because of low £
30.09.2016 Wikipedia - F35 'one darn expensive bird'
Car Industry
Car manufacturing is a big employer and revenue generator in the UK. We owe a lot of that to one Maggie Thatcher, Prime Minister in her time, who modelled the Single Market to our advantage and then invited Japanase brands to come and build their vehicles over here, allowing them to sell them to the whole of Europe. Changed from orange to red on 30 sep 2016.
23.06.2018 Bloomberg - Jaguar Land Rover Prepares for New Era Moving SUV From U.K
10.06.2018 Express - EU lights bomb under car industry as Dutch say not to use UK parts
10.06.2018 Sky News - Government warned British cars 'won't qualify for free trade deals' after Brexit
27.05.2018 Daily Mail - We're on the road to Car-mageddon: How hard Brexit will drive industry to ruin
22.04.2018 Independent - Nissan to cut hundreds of jobs at Sunderland plant
22.04.2018 Guardian - Jaguar Land Rover to cut 1,000 jobs after 'slump due to Brexit'
22.04.2018 BBC News - Carmakers fear rising trade barriers after Brexit
10.04.2018 BBC News - UK car registrations plunge in March
18.03.2018 BBC News - Vauxhall chief warns of Brexit threat to Ellesmere Port
18.02.2018 Financial Times - UK car approval agency set to lose EU-wide authority
18.02.2018 Bloomberg - Layoffs Arrive in Brexit Britain, and Auto Workers Are Up First
09.02.2018 Independent - UK car production slides as Brexit fears erode confidence among business and consumers
22.01.2018 Autocar - Jaguar Land Rover to drop production because of ‘Brexit uncertainty’ and diesel confusion
22.01.2018 Automotive News Europe - Toyota will build new model at French plant
14.01.2018 BBC News - Vauxhall plans another 250 job cuts at Ellesmere Port
07.01.2018 BBC News - UK car sales see first drop for six years
07.01.2018 Planetoscope - Car sales highest in France since 2000
27.12.2017 Telegraph - UK car manufacturing suffers 28pc collapse in domestic demand
03.12.2017 Independent - Ford: No deal Brexit is a 'disaster' for UK car industry
19.11.2017 Reuters - Honda says it could not absorb 10 percent tariff after Brexit
12.11.2017 Guardian - Slump in UK car sales deepens as industry records 12% fall
29.10.2017 BBC News - UK car manufacturing falls in September
22.10.2017 This Is Money - Investment in UK car industry will crash by half this year
15.10.2017 Reuters - PSA to cut about 400 jobs at Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port
07.10.2017 Guardian - UK car sales slide for a sixth month amid falling consumer confidence
24.09.2017 Bloomberg - BMW Calls Brexit an ‘Uncomfortable Scenario’ Amid Tariff Concern
24.09.2017 Derby Telegraph - Fears Toyota could leave Derbyshire after boss's comments about Brexit
06.08.2017 BBC News - UK car sales fall 9.3% in July says motor trade body
06.08.2017 Guardian - UK car industry facing an 'utterly demoralising' Brexit
06.08.2017 Financial Times - Investment in UK car industry plummets amid Brexit uncertainty
27.07.2017 Courrier - Fall in number of cars built in UK last month amid Brexit uncertainty
27.07.2017 Auto Express - Bad Brexit deal could see cars pulled from UK showrooms
02.07.2017 BBC News - SMMT: UK car output fell 10% in May
02.07.2017 Financial Times - Investment in UK car industry plummets amid Brexit uncertainty
14.05.2017 Oxford Mail - BMW boss hints at moving Mini production out of Oxford
20.04.2017 Sun - TARIFF NIGHTMARE Brexit could see the cost of British-made cars rise by THOUSANDS… and put 169,000 jobs at risk
09.04.2017 BBC News - Ford to stay in the UK, except.., yes... but..., actually... we'll see...
01.04.2017 Guardian - Unite blames Brexit as Ford prepares to cut 1,160 Welsh jobs
29.03.2017 Telegraph - Car makers warn Brexit is 'biggest threat in a generation' to UK car industry
21.03.2017 Independent - Minis could be one more victim of Brexit
20.03.2017 Guardian - Hard Brexit 'could increase cost of making a car in UK by £2,400'
05.03.2017 Guardian - Unite blames Brexit as Ford prepares to cut 1,160 Welsh jobs
05.03.2017 Guardian - BMW considers making electric Mini outside UK because of Brexit
05.03.2017 London Economic - GM: Thousands of jobs at risk in two areas that voted for Brexit
07.02.2017 AutoNews - Now GM (Vauxhall) is hit by brexit as well: $500Million loss!
05.02.2017 CBR - Brexit hits FORD UK to the tune of $600Million!
21.01.2017 Independent - Nissan to re-evaluate manufacturing in the UK, even after May's bribe
21.01.2017 Financial Tribune - BMW urges UK to stay in Single Market
27.10.2016 Telegraph - Nissan - The Telegraph reminds us subsidies are a dangerous game
17.10.2016 Financial Times - Germany warns UK will lose Car Industry
12.10.2016 Chronicle Live - Nissan jobs are 'hanging by a thread' over Brexit, union warns (also shown in 'Jobs')
06.10.2016 Independent - Sunderland (Big Nissan factory there) now worried about Brexit consequences...
30.09.2016 Sky News - Now Jaguar and Toyota want hard brexit compensation too!
30.09.2016 BBC News - Nissan's Carlos Ghosn: state to compensate for hard brexit or will take business elsewhere
28.09.2016 BBC News - Car Manufacturers WANT TO BE IN THE EU
25.09.2016 Oxford Times - Thousands of jobs at risk at BMW Oxford, where the Mini is produced.
20.09.2016 Guardian - Carmakers preparing to move to eastern Europe after Brexit - Need we say more?
19.09.2016 Guardian - Carmakers look to move research roles to eastern Europe after Brexit vote
07.09.2016 Sky News - Who would have thought, the Japanese are peed off? See their unprecedented warning to UK over brexit...
Housing Market, Real Estate
brexit will affect all aspects of the economy, and certainly the housing market won't be spared. The first signs of worries were already evident in October 2016 to the professionals. Uncertainty, and then economic downfall caused by loss of jobs and businesses moving to the EU will make people poorer, which will drive house prices down and you may find yourself in negative equity.
23.06.2018 City AM - Can the UK economy cope with sustained house price falls?
27.01.2018 Guardian - Ghost towers: half of new-build luxury London flats fail to sell
07.01.2018 Guardian - Cost of living squeeze dents UK house price growth
12.11.2017 BBC News - House price falls now widespread, say surveyors
31.07.2017 Independent - Foxtons profits plummet 64% amid ‘unprecedented’ economic and political uncertainty
08.07.2017 BBC News - UK house prices fall further in June
08.07.2017 Europeans Com - Brexit hits London House Market
02.07.2017 Daily Mail - Britain on the brink of worst house price collapse since 90s - 40% down!
14.05.2017 BBC News - UK house prices in first quarterly fall since 2012
06.05.2017 Guardian - London estate agents struggle to sell
18.04.2017 ITV News - £29bn wiped off British property market in just three months
31.03.2017 Guardian - Nationwide: UK house prices slide for first time in almost two years
05.03.2017 Daily Mail - Daily Mail: Housing Market hit by brexit and Stamp Duty
18.02.2017 Daily Mail - House prices down as properties don't sell over Brexit fears
06.11.2016 Guardian - House prices stalling
Tech, Science, Pharma, Aerospace
If tecchies leave, we lose know-how. We'll look less attractive to investment. Not to mention that to make money these days, you'd better be in Tech. As part of the EU, the UK takes part in many scientific and research projects. Now that everyone is scrambling to get their hands on what used to come from the EU - yes the infamous £350 million a week (but in truth a lot less) - a lot of projects are being threatened. Worse, UK scientists are being shunned because their projects would not get money outside of the EU. We are already hearing that loads of projects are being either cancelled or put on hold.
23.06.2018 BBC News - UK rebuffed over Galileo sat-nav procurement
27.01.2018 Express - Spain SNATCHES space data centre from UK
27.12.2017 Financial Times - Chemical and pharma groups urge Gove to stick to EU regime
26.11.2017 BBC News - UK firms 'excluded' from space contracts by Brexit
07.10.2017 Electronics Weekly - Hard Brexit will cost auto, health, tech and consumer industries £17bn
12.09.2017 Reuters - AstraZeneca CEO, worried by Brexit, not signing UK government letter
25.07.2017 ITV News - GSK backs out of £350m investment at Ulverston site
25.07.2017 Reuters - UK sidelined as Europe looks beyond Brexit in Aerospace
05.07.2017 Financial Times - Macron makes bid for London’s science and tech business
21.06.2017 BBC News - Galileo contract faces Brexit crunch
29.05.2017 - Post-Brexit Britain and the UK’s Shrinking Tech Talent Pool
29.05.2017 Independent - Brain drain fears
29.05.2017 BBC News - Universities: Brexit barriers 'would harm science'
14.05.2017 Computer Weekly - Almost 75% of tech workers thinking of leaving UK after Brexit
06.05.2017 Guardian - Nuclear industry warns UK must avoid 'cliff edge' over Brexit
18.04.2017 Telegraph - EU to cancel Britain's Galileo contracts after Brexit
31.03.2017 BBC News - Two-fifths of gaming firms 'could relocate over Brexit'
29.03.2017 The What and Why - Science funding disaster
14.03.2017 Research research - Revealed: The EU facilities looking to exit UK
05.03.2017 BBC News - Weather supercomputing ‘heads to Italy’
26.02.2017 CBR - The UK is not producing enough home-grown tech talent
29.01.2017 Guardian - Tech Industry at risk from brexit
31.12.2016 FiercePharma - Big Pharma to leave UK because of Brexit
17.12.2016 Daily Mail - UK Science already hurt by brexit
06.12.2016 BBC News - Critical UK Energy Project at risk
19.10.2016 New York Times - UK's strengths at risk: Science and Tech to be hurt by brexit
16.10.2016 Sunday Times - Brain drain has begun . . . and it’s costing millions, academics warn
11.10.2016 TechCityNews - UK Tech Investment falls 82%!
08.10.2016 Guardian - Latest British Nobel Prize winners: Brexit 'not good news for British science'
27.09.2016 Guardian - Brexit to cause 15% of UK university staff to leave
17.09.2016 Guardian - UK Science poached by EU.
02.09.2016 - Important research at risk.
As a country, we make money on stuff we sell. You'd think that a low £ would help. Indeed it will at the beginning, but soon, raw materials and parts will become very costly for us to buy. And stuff we import will become more costly (food, petrol). If on the other hand, the £ goes up again, we lose are selling advantage. If you're smelling a rat, you are right. Our current export successes rely on a sick currency. Something's gotta give... CHANGED TO ORANGE January 22, 2017
10.06.2018 Sky News - European businesses advised to avoid using British parts ahead of Brexit
22.04.2018 Independent - UK trade deficit widens to £6.4bn as non-EU exports decline
09.02.2018 The Times - Boost from trade deals will not cover losses, Brexit leak reveals
09.02.2018 Guardian - Brexit could cut manufacturing exports by a third, experts warn
12.11.2017 Financial Times - UK-EU supply chains begin to break amid Brexit trade fears
04.11.2017 Huffington Post - UK Could Lose Free Trade Deals With 65 Countries After Brexit, Admits UK's Top Negotiator
12.09.2017 Guardian - UK exports outside EU fall despite weak pound
02.09.2017 The Times - No end to trade deficit
06.08.2017 Financial Times - Sterling’s Brexit slide has yet to deliver trade’s sunlit uplands
31.07.2017 Independent - Irish PM says country won't 'design a border for the Brexiteers'
21.06.2017 Le Monde - In French: Macron to push for EU 'Buy European' law which will hurt Brexit UK
17.06.2017 Euractiv - UK imports and exports will suffer from Brexit isolation
15.06.2017 Euractiv - UK imports and exports will suffer from Brexit isolation –
14.05.2017 Reuters - Industrial output falls again, trade gap widens sharply as economy slows
22.01.2017 Wall Street Journal - Low £ useless for exports
12.01.2017 City AM - Exports down despite low £, which takes another tumble as a result. Is brexit good for anything? Repeated in '£'
11.11.2016 Guardian - As predicted, even exports are suffering now
03.10.2016 Sun - Liam Fox wants to sell 'Innovative Jam' to World's 2nd Jam exporter
03.10.2016 BBC News - The BBC may be slow to report the fall of the £, but it brings us this piece of good news
30.09.2016 Guardian - No-one saw that one coming: EU Customers boycotting UK goods!
30.09.2016 Daily Mail - Growth revised up thanks to exports fueled by low £, but only slightly so
20.09.2016 Telegraph - Should I stay or should I go? Government's inner fight about Single Market
10.09.2016 Telegraph - Liam Fox \"British Businesses are lazy!\" Grrr.
01.09.2016 HM Revenue and Customs - Oversees Trade Statistics
International Standing and Control
Thanks to its place in the EU, the UK was thought of a favoured diplomatic partner to access the whole of Europe, especially for the Americans and Australians or members of the Commonwealth. Now that the UK has chosen to isolate itself away from the EU, it may lose its appeal and beyond that its reach and relevance on the international scene.
10.06.2018 Telegraph - Weep for Brexit: the British dash for independence has failed
18.03.2018 Guardian - Russia sees UK as weak because of Brexit, says Lithuanian minister
26.11.2017 BBC News - How UK lost International Court of Justice place to India
26.11.2017 The New Yorker - No End in Sight to the Brexit Madness
19.11.2017 New York Times - No One Knows What Britain Is Anymore
15.10.2017 Daily Mail - 'Special relationship' was seen as joke by Obama
24.09.2017 Mirror - Embarrassment as Theresa May delivers speech to mostly empty United Nations
24.09.2017 - When taking back control means giving up control
06.08.2017 Guardian - Britain set to lose EU ‘crown jewels’ of banking and medicine agencies
31.07.2017 Telegraph - UK Passport falling in 'Power' rankings
25.07.2017 InFacts - Japan asks: “Why has Britain gone mad?”
16.07.2017 Financial Times - Brexit and the prospect of national humiliation
02.07.2017 Economist - Britain’s European allies desert it in a vote at the UN
28.06.2017 Guardian - EU countries compete to host London-based agencies after Brexit
13.06.2017 Spectator - Europe’s press ridicules Theresa May
31.05.2017 Guardian - UK a laughing stock in Europe
25.04.2017 RT - UK will have to keep European court… and foot the bill
25.04.2017 Independent - EU scuppers Theresa May plan to end European Court's UK power
25.04.2017 CNBC - ex-PM John Major: Brexit to damage UK political influence as trade deals unlikely
Every Day Life, Holidays
Over the years, the EU has made things that were otherwise complicated such as looking for work abroad easy. Same for travel and money exchange, especially in Eurozone. Leaving the EU means added paperwork, longer formalities, abiding to rules we won't have a say on anymore. And of course as the £ loses value against all currencies in the world, it means many things will become a lot more costly.
04.06.2018 Daily Mail - Britain 'could suffer shortages of food and medicine' under no-deal Brexit
20.05.2018 BBC News - Warning of rising food bills and disruption to supplies
22.04.2018 Express - Brexit news: EU set to strip UK airlines of safety certificates
10.04.2018 BBC News - British Gas price rise unjustified, says government
01.04.2018 Yahoo News - Traffic jams 'will stretch from Dover to London after Brexit'
03.03.2018 Bloomberg - A No-Deal Brexit Risks U.K. Food Crisis, Sainsbury CEO Warns
09.02.2018 Reuters - Ryanair to put Brexit clause into ticket sales for summer 2019
20.01.2018 Metro - Loaf of bread price rises by 20p with bakers blaming Brexit
03.12.2017 Mirror - Millions of people will have their benefits frozen for another year, Tories confirm
26.11.2017 Bloomberg - U.K. Faces Longest Fall in Living Standards on Record
26.11.2017 Independent - Households are more than £400 worse off after Brexit, study says
04.11.2017 Guardian - 'No deal' Brexit could add £930 a year to UK shopping bills, say experts
04.11.2017 Guardian - Most of UK's fruit and veg is from other EU nations 'so Brexit impact may be dramatic'
15.10.2017 Independent - Philip Hammond becomes first Cabinet minister to admit 'no deal' could ground all flights
07.10.2017 The Times - Prolonged fall in living standards since Brexit vote
07.10.2017 ITV News - Thousands stranded as low £ precipitates Monarch sky fall
07.10.2017 Europeans Com - Fresh food prices surge as Brexit hits
24.09.2017 Mirror - Price of food could rise by over 30% if no Brexit deal can be reached, experts have warned
06.08.2017 Independent - Revealed: the tangle of red tape that awaits British travellers post-Brexit
31.07.2017 Sky News - Council Leaders worried Government dragging its heels over post-Brexit funding
25.07.2017 Independent - Government: 'Real risk' UK could run out of some foods after Brexit
16.07.2017 Independent - Wages decline at fastest rate in three years
16.07.2017 Euro Weekly News - UK airports: European flights could be suspended after brexit
16.07.2017 Guardian - Hard to swallow breakfast: Brexit could mean hard luck for fry-up fans
16.07.2017 Coventry Telegraph - Birmingham flights to New York scrapped
16.07.2017 Telegraph - Ryanair: ‘No flights’ between UK and EU after Brexit
05.07.2017 Evening Standard - Rail commuters face wage-breaking, 'brexit fare hike'
02.07.2017 Kent Live - Huge hike in food bills after Brexit
02.07.2017 Reuters - Thomas Cook: Travel barriers after Brexit risk a return to 'medieval age'
17.06.2017 The Times - Gove: Food won't get cheaper after brexit
13.06.2017 Europeans Com - EU scrapes roaming charges, but UK will eventually drop out
29.05.2017 Independent - Airline boss: Flying to be like in the 70es
14.05.2017 Belfast Telegraph - Brexit: Wages to fall by £1,000, Bank of England warns
14.05.2017 Guardian - Bank of England warns Brexit vote will damage living standards
25.04.2017 Just Food - British Retail Consortium: expect hard brexit food prices hike
18.04.2017 Independent - Poorer hit hardest as benefits are frozen because of brexit
18.04.2017 Financial Times - Brexit will damage UK standards of living, say economists
18.04.2017 Express - Supermarket brexit price hikes will drive shoppers to Aldi and Lidl
18.04.2017 Daily Mail - How supermarkets are hiking up prices on some items because of Brexit
09.04.2017 Guardian - Sharp rise in UK food prices
13.03.2017 Evening Standard - Brexit to cause Millions of workers to go without a pay rise for 15 years
26.02.2017 Mirror - Your shopping bills to go up, up and up
19.02.2017 Visiter - Beer prices to go up because of Brexit
13.02.2017 Telegraph - Brexit to make people work longer before retirement
07.02.2017 Guardian - Roaming to cost an arm and a leg AGAIN
05.02.2017 BBC News - brexit double whammies car insurance premiums as parts suffer from low £
29.01.2017 Guardian - Chlorinated chicken to hit your plate soon
21.01.2017 Reuters - Ryanair says it could scrap UK domestic routes after Brexit
15.01.2017 BBC News - Passport queues to be longer at airports because of Brexit
The pension we receive after retirement is linked to many economic factors. It will depend on the state of the economy, interest rates and even birth rates. It will depend on what the government will prioritise. And it seems clear that for us retiring in a decade or two, things will get much more difficult indeed, brexit or no brexit.
04.06.2018 Express - Treasury: Retirement age increase SHOCK: Government to raise retirement age to 74
29.10.2017 UK Government - (Harsh) Effects on pensioners from leaving the EU
18.10.2017 Telegraph - One in five FTSE 100 pension funds at risk of failure in a recession
24.09.2017 Guardian - Hard Brexit means retiring later, Britons warned
29.05.2017 Bloomberg - Forget about owning a Home in Spanish sun
29.05.2017 Express - UK pensioners in Spain counting pennies because of brexit
30.04.2017 Guardian - Conservatives: Theresa May weighing up cheaper 'double lock' for pensions
25.03.2017 Telegraph - Social care crisis could get worse if UK pensioners return from abroad over Brexit
19.02.2017 Express - Brexit migration cuts 'means Britons may have to work for LONGER to claim state pensions'
15.01.2017 Guardian - Britons forced to retire later because of brexit
Blue Passport
The word 'Passport' is French and it originally allowed you to pass through Seaports. Before the whole European project started, our passports were blue. Brussels never imposed a colour on passports; Croatia's, an EU member, are blue for example. Passports are seen by some as an expression of pride and nationalism.
27.12.2017 Telegraph - Bringing back blue passports is nostalgia gone mad – we've got bigger things to worry about
Everything's fine!
What prices?
Shares are up!
Look, Albania wants a deal with us!
We want our £350 a week for the NHS!
What?! A visa to go buy booze?
Let's hang Bojo, Fox and Davis!
And where the **** is Farage?
Oh sh!t, what have we done?
BREXIT TIMELINE: see where we are
cool breeze hot waters
February 2016 June 23rd, 2016 June 24th, 2016 March 2017 Negotiations
(2 years)
Out at Sea
Lies, lies and more lies
That bus was unsinkable...
We hit the iceberg We're taking water and waiting for the plan Article 50 invoked March 2017
(As predicted by this site)
Tantrums and blackmail
We're screwed
Who on Earth are we going to blame now? The BBC?
>We're here<

SHOCK! EXPRESS Poll shows Majority would now STAY in the EU!! (Aug. 2017)

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